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Padel court specification

Render of a premium Panoramic Padel Court
10 year
Glass Panels

12mm safety certified glass to maximise durability.


The highest quality S355 structural steel is used throughout the frame.

Playing Surface

Designed for The World Padel Tour Centre Court.

Lighting System

An output of 300w per unit to ensure optimal lighting conditions.

Best in class padel courts

SAPCA accredited with a 10 year warranty

SAPCA accredited

All our courts are SAPCA accredited the gold standard standards for excellence in the design, construction and maintenance.

10 year warranty

Our courts come with an unrivalled 10 year warranty for your piece of mind and guaranteed return on your investment. 

Eurocode compliance

The structure, glass, surface and lights are all manufactured to not only comply but exceed Eurocode safety standards.

50 year useful life

RT of the structure exemplifies the quality of our courts. This is a testament to our commitment to quality.

Women playing Padel on a premium Panoramic Padel Court
Closeup of the Padel Net on a premium Panoramic Padel Court

Enjoy an enhanced sporting environment that integrates cutting-edge technology with durability. Elevate your facility with our panoramic padel courts, where technical expertise meets aesthetic perfection.

Our state-of-the-art Favaretti Panoramic courts offers an expansive, unobstructed view, elevating your gameplay to an unparalleled level of immersion. Engineered with precision and utilising advanced materials, all our padel court offerings ensures both structural integrity and a seamless panoramic experience.

Manufactured for a 50 year useful life making them the most long term cost effective padel courts available in the Irish market without compromising quality. Our market leading warranties reflect this quality, 10 years for all elements of the frame against corrosion and rust.

Panoramic Padel Courts

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Certified EN 12150

We only use 12mm certified safety glass panels for our courts.

Certified NTC 2018

Courts are build to withstand wind speeds of 159km/h as standard.

Certified EN 1090

Our courts use only the the highest quality S355 structural steel throughout.

Certified BS 1461

Steel structure galvanisation process suited for the Irish climate.

Industry Certifications

Eurocodes Logo
Close up of the steel structure of a Panoramic Padel Court

Court Structure

Steel work

All our courts are designed to the International Padel Federation standards and manufactured with the highest international quality and safety requirements.

Anti Corrosion

Our structure goes through a best in class galvanisation process. By coating iron and steel with zinc, which alloys with the surface of the base metal when immersing the metal in a bath of molten zinc at a temperature of around 450°C (842°F). The protective layer obtained is the best possible protection of the steel against corrosion and atmospheric agents. Our hot dip galvanisation process is BS1461 Certified.


The steel frame is comes with a 10 year warranty against corrosion. A testament to our build quality.


Analysis of wind & snow loads specific to your location to ensure the court remains structurally sound, we will not only perform this analysis but will provide all the certifications and reports as standard to prove it. All our courts also feature hidden mesh profiles designed to prevent injury and increased durability. This feature also allows for a seamless transition from glass to fence.


No visible screws. All metals fixings are hidden with rubber covers to retain a high-end finish to your court.


We have complete control over every step of the manufacturing process as it is all undertaken in-house in Padova, Italy, this allows us readily access to any replacement or additional parts that may be needed in the future.

Close up of the glass panels of a Panoramic Padel Court

Glass Panels


Our Panoramic courts is surrounded by 18 panels of safety certified high quality tempered glass.


All our glass is 12mm thick to maximise durability. We never use 10mm on any of our courts.


Safety is of upmost importance to us, so every glass panels used in our courts is EN12150 safety certified.


All panels feature flat polished edges, perfect planimetry and are fully homologated as per industry standards.


Cut with high automated computing cutting machinery, our tempered glass has a precision cutting size to ensure the perfect alignment for optimal performance that ensures an uniform bounce of the ball.

Spare Panels

We provide each court with 2 additional panels of glass in gratis for your convenience. 

Close up of the lighting system of a Panoramic Padel Court

Lighting System


For each project we will provide a court specific lighting design that ensure optimal illumination for both the court and player experience.


Each court utilises 8 units providing 300 lux of light to ensure optimal lighting conditions.


Our system minimises operational costs thanks to a low energy consumption and robust materials which guarantee a long lifespan.


The design of our light pillars facilitate an easy installation and access to the cable routing for maintenance.


We offer both straight and curved light post options.

Close up of the playing surface of a Panoramic Padel Court

Playing Surface


The quality of the surface can be the most important factor in what makes a padel court a success. Along with our strict installation methodology and criteria our turf options will provide year round consistency and longevity that will require minimal maintenance.  

Fibrillated turf
Render of Padel Court Surface Turf

Turf characterised by a unique fibrillation alignment pattern that allows for progressive fibrillation and the fibres that make up the mat retain excellent friction, resilience and abrasion resistance for longer.

Render of Padel Court Surface Turf
Monofilament turf

This turf is characterised by improved resilience: the fibres recover their original shape after the player steps or the ball hits. The rebound is quicker, smoother and regular and contributes to less wear and tear on the ball itself.

Mondo Supercourt turf
Render of Padel Court Surface Turf

State-of-the-art artificial turf system consisting of semi-concave straight monofilaments with a central rib and silica sand infill. The ultimate turf, this model was also used for the centre court for the World Padel Tour!

We offer 4 types of courts that cover all use cases. Our outdoor specific courts, the Panoramic HD and the Limited Edition DUNLOP Panoramic undergo the most extensive hot-dip galvanisation processing and reinforcement to protect against the strongest elements. 


While our indoor specific courts feature less steel as environmental demands are less of a concern.


All our courts models use the same high quality steel and glass and are manufactured with the highest international quality with the same safety requirements.

Explore Our Padel Court Collection

Render of a premium Panoramic Outdoor Padel Court
Panoramic HT

The workhorse, designed with the perfect balance of durability and aesthetic finishing. Perfect in all weather conditions.

Render of a premium Panoramic Indoor Padel Court
Panoramic LT

Our LT model utilises the same design as our Panoramic HT but modified slightly for Indoor usage. Classic Favaretti durability at an unbeatable price

Render of a premium Infinity Panoramic Padel Court
Super Panoramic Infinity

The showcourt, unrivalled design and aesthetics featuring full unobstructed glass back and side walls, providing the ultimate player and spectator experience.

Render of a premium Panoramic Dunlop Limited Edition Padel Court
Limited Edition DUNLOP Panoramic

Designed in collaboration with DUNLOP padel. This court comes with a carefully curated starter pack full of DUNLOP padel gear to get your club up and running from day one.

Women resting on the steel structure of a premium Panoramic Padel Court

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