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People playing Padel on a Panoramic Padel court in a purpose build Favaretti Padel Canopy
10 year

Highest quality S355 structural steel is used throughout.

Playing Surface

Designed for The World Padel Tour Centre Court

Glass Panels

12mm safety certified glass to maximise durability

Lighting System

An output of 300w per unit to ensure optimal lighting conditions.

Bespoke Canopy Solutions

SAPCA accredited with a 10 year warranty

SAPCA accredited

Our canopies are SAPCA accredited the gold standard standards for excellence in the design, construction and maintenance.

10 year warranty

The steel struture come with an unrivalled 10 year warranty for your piece of mind and guaranteed return on your investment. 

Eurocode compliance

The structure and covering is manufactured to not only comply but exceed Eurocode safety standards.

50 year useful life

RT of the structure exemplifies the quality of our canopy solutions. This is a testament to our commitment to quality.

Outside shot of a Premium Padel Courts & Canopy
Night shot of the exterior of a luxurious Padel facility
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The Irish climate presents challenges for outdoor sporting activities that depend on controlled environmental conditions. To optimise the utilisation of padel courts and ensure a return on investment, it's crucial to maximise their use throughout the year.


Thanks to our specially designed court covers for padel, our courts can be utilised year-round.


With Favaretti, our canopy manufacturer boasting decades of experience in sports court coverings, coupled with stringent control over the entire supply chain and production process, we guarantee high-performance, site-specific certified covers tailored for padel courts.

Manufactured for a 50 year useful life making them the most long term cost effective padel courts available in the Irish market without compromising quality. Our market leading warranties reflect this quality, 10 years for all elements of the frame against corrosion and rust.

Maximising Padel Court Utilisation

Indoor Padel Training on a Panoramic Padel court
Panoramic Padel Courts and Padel Canopy under construction

At Padelon, we take pride in our custom-designed covers, meticulously crafted by our in-house technical team to meet the stringent regulations set forth by the Irish building regulations.


Each cover undergoes a rigorous design process, ensuring compliance with FIT standards while also prioritising durability and safety.

Our covers come with a comprehensive NTC 2018 compliant technical report, affirming the quality of materials used and providing assurance of resistance against various environmental factors. This includes but is not limited to earthquakes, wind, and snow loads, meeting or exceeding local regulations to guarantee the utmost protection for your tennis facilities.

With a commitment to excellence and attention to detail, we strive to deliver covers that not only meet functional requirements but also exceed expectations in terms of reliability and longevity.

Site Specific Solutions

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