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Step 1

Initial consultation

We start by understanding your objectives, expectations and preferences for your padel project. We can then guide you on suitable options taking into account factors such as your available space, accessibility, and budget.  

Closeup of the glass panels of a Panoramic Padel Court

Step 2

Client and Site Meeting

Our team visits the site to evaluate the location, take measurements, assess the topography, existing features, and any potential challenges. Based on your objectives and site specific requirements, we will identify the most suitable option for you and provide a detailed breakdown of costs for your bespoke padel courts and/or canopy. 

Ground level shot of the playing surface of a Panoramic Padel Court

Step 3

Build Order Contract

On finalising the court/canopy specification, design features and accessories you require, we will create your build order for the supply, delivery and install of your padel courts and or canopy. Project timelines are established and a project plan is created for you.

Closeup of a Panoramic Padel Court's steel structure
Closeup of a Panoramic Padel Court's lighting system

Step 4

Design & Construction

If you require these services, we will collaborate with our planning, engineering and construction team to incorporate their expertise into the design & build process. This includes architectural considerations for applicable planning regulations, civil and structural engineering, and the construction of padel court/canopy base.  

Step 5

Installation and Sign Off

To ensure your expectations are met, we conduct a final inspection of all components, fixings, lighting and the court surface before handover with opinion on compliance with building regulations issued by the project engineer for the groundworks

Closeup of a Panoramic Padel Court's glass panels from an angled view
Padel player resting against a Panoramic Padel Courts steel structure

Contact us

Get in touch

Ready to transform your padel court vision into reality? We're here to help. Get in touch with our knowledgeable team today to discuss your project and explore the possibilities.

People playing Padel on a premium Panoramic Padel Court

Highest quality S355 structural steel is used throughout.

Playing Surface

Designed for The World Padel Tour Centre Court

Glass Panels

12mm safety certified glass to maximise durability

Lighting System

An output of 300w per unit to ensure optimal lighting conditions.

How we can work with you

A step by step guide of what to expect when working with us.

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